Critical compatibility fixes, ship movement refactoring

  • Fixed game crashing on launch (failing to start) if the user's locale doesn't use "." as the decimal mark.
  • Mitigation fixes for DPI scaling issues that caused the game window to appear partially offscreen and created offset between actual mouse position and the mouse position used in game UI.
    • In windowed mode the default resolution can no longer be larger than the screen.
    • If user manually sets a game resolution larger than screen size, the game window will be positioned so that the top left corner is visible.
    • Application manifest updated to disable DPI scaling. Downside of this is that UI text can be too small on high DPI screens.
  • Refactored many ship flight control systems to unify how movement targets with non-zero target velocity are handled. Also added universal support for movement targets that are relative to moving objects such as enemy ships or asteroids.
  • Improvements to movement close to asteroid surfaces.
  • Improvements to movement target calculation near level edges. This should reduce accidental drifting outside the level bounds when engaging enemies.


Battlefleet Engineer demo (186 MB)
Version 0.1.0705.19 8 days ago

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