Several minor fixes and UX improvements, new backgrounds

  • Borderless window mode is now used automatically if the game window fills the screen. This should avoid cursor offset in UI bug caused by the game window not fully fitting on the screen.
  • Fixed player fleet sometimes getting deployed completely outside the valid deployment area.
  • Minor change in core motion control algorithm that should improve settling in certain cases.
  • Fixed navigation pathing in case where start point in obstructed but there is direct navigability to target from calculated unobstructed start point.
  • Fixed ships turning toward wrong direction at a start of random battle where the ships start scattered.
  • Optimized rendering of point lights to significantly reduce GPU load at the cost of minor CPU load increase.

  • Any game object (ship, projectile, missile, asteroid...) can now be followed with camera by pointing at it and pressing F12.
  • F10 and F11 now toggle rendering of game and HTML UI respectively
  • Added web installer for .NET Framework 4.5.2 to the Prerequisites folder.
  • Added 2 new battle backgrounds.
  • Added rendering of range identification texts to ship weapon ranges overlay.
  • Added bindable actions: Pan with mouse, Toggle module health overlay, Toggle resources overlay, Toggle weapon ranges overlay.
  • Simplified settings screen buttons to common "OK" and "Cancel"
  • Better spacing of columns in settings screen bindings table. Users can now also adjust the column widths.


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Version 0.1.1706.21 Jun 21, 2017

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